Monday, 21 January 2008

A quick update

About brief update on what's been happening since the last time I wrote anything then (which was 3rd October 2006 apparently!)

Well another seasons racing has come and gone. Much fun was had, no mishaps worth mentioning and every race completed. Not much more to add to that really. The race car is now in the garage waiting for the annual pull-the-engine-out-and-replace-the-bearings effort. I have a few plans for modifications over the winter although I need to save up some money before I get too involved. More on those plans later.

The white Spitfire completed the 2006 Round Britain Reliability Run without any problems at all. It hasn't moved much since however as rust is getting the better of parts of the bodywork. Currently this car is residing in Karl Dandridge's workshop near Coventry awaiting some much needed attention.

I did get the van engine sorted out in the end and it worked long enough to drive it to the local garage for an MOT. There's a major lack of power though and it won't do more than 30mph on a flat road (and hills are impossible) so it's currently in bits again whilst I try and track down a suspected air leak causing a very lean mixture. Unfortunately the winter weather has put a stop to that job temporarily so I've been trying to get together all the necessary parts for the interior work that will need doing once the mechanical bits are sorted out properly. I have many plans for this, mostly involving complicated electronic devices...

Oh, and the Transit recovery truck is up for sale now too.

I think that about covers the update of the fleet. Hopefully now the blog is back up I can post more regular updates as I go along (I know, I said that before!)

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