Monday, 3 March 2008

A sound I've not heard for a long time...

...the rumble of the V8 in my van. I eventually got it started at the weekend. After much head scratching and going through the entire ignition system testing for faults, in the end a good dose of "easystart" was what it really needed!

It remains to be seen of course whether it will start again from cold next time or whether there's still something wrong with it but I did a few laps of the housing estate to test it out. I think the linkage between the throttle pedal and the automatic gearbox needs a bit of adjustment but it seems to drive fairly well at least for the very short distance and low speeds I've done so far.

Next thing will be to take it a little further afield and see whether it can cope with hills and speeds above 30mph, which were a problem for it back in October when it had it's MOT test.

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