Saturday, 5 April 2008

Running In

Some good news at last. I managed to pick up some ATF and putting that in the transmission seems to have sorted the gear selection problems. I took the van to the Pendle and Pennine CT meeting on Friday, stayed there overnight and then spent some time today driving around. I reckon I probably managed to do at least 60 miles and apart from the windscreen wipers stopping at a rather inconvenient time on Friday everything seems to be OK, so far at least. I've no idea what was wrong with the wipers but when I started the van again this morning they were working fine so I'll have to leave that puzzle for later.

I collected most of an exhaust system along with the ATF so I'll have to start looking into how to make that fit soon. I plan to remove the (damaged) catalytic converter so I need to work out how to join the standard front and back sections with something custom made in the middle. The rusted hole in the existing muffler isn't too serious yet so I have a little time to think this one through.

Hopefully I'll remember to order the new spare tyre during next week too. I'm also planning to go see the engine builder about my race engine and try and find out whether it will be ready for me to fit back in the car in time to get an entry in for the CT track day at Cadwell Park next month. Come to think of it I need to find out what's happened to the new fuel tank I ordered as well. That should have been here by now.

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