Thursday, 8 May 2008

A day on the track

Managed to get about 350 running-in miles on the racecar in the end, mostly touring around the Yorkshire dales. Using 97 octane "super unleaded" cured the pinking but not the high revs misfire. I Changed the oil and then went to the CT trackday at Cadwell Park on Tuesday.

We had a great day for hooning around the track which is probably my favourite UK circuit at the moment. I think everyone enjoyed themselves and no-one suffered any major problem (or at least no problem that couldn't be dealt with). I didn't take part in all the Triumph sessions so took the opportunity to take a few photographs too. Sadly I only had my pocket digital camera with me. I could have got some much better images with the big camera but then I was supposed to be there to drive!

Unfortunately my car was suffering from a misfire all day which limited my revs to between 2000 and 4500, in turn limiting my top speed somewhat. I spent most of the day trying to cure this problem but only managed to find ways to make it worse. When it was working, the car was going better then ever. It seems to have more power and torque than last year. I can only think that this is due to my having finally got the exhaust manifold to seal.

I've ordered a new coil and an electronic ignition module to eliminate the coil, points and condenser from the misfire problem. I already tried changing all these parts but I don't trust the quality of some of the modern components so I'm going to try the electronic route instead, at least for now. If that doesn't help, I'll have to go through the wiring and make sure there are no problems there.

I'm still waiting for some ATF for the van so no more progress there yet. I'd like to get that back on the road again before long.

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