Sunday, 25 May 2008

Some success (I think)

Made a bit of progress on the race car. Last week I took advantage of a sale at Machine Mart to buy a hydraulic tube bender. That meant I could finally get on with fitting the drivers side door bar to the roll cage. The bar came with the cage when I first fitted it four years ago but needed bending to fit around the seat. It's now fitted and padded with the new padding that I also bought ages ago.

I also fitted solid spacers to the rocker shaft to replace the springs. These are supposed to give better location to the rockers but I'm not entirely convinced. Some of the rockers still seem to have a surprising amount of lateral movement in them. I don't think it will make it any worse though and the kit wasn't expensive so I'll see how it goes.

The new coil is finally fitted and working OK. I think the new ignition and distributor probably did make some difference after all since I realised that the misfiring is now higher in the rev range than before. Once the new coil was fitted, I took the car out on the road and it seems I now have a slightly different problem. The "hard" misfire at around 4500 revs has been replaced by a more gradual problem starting around 5500. After some experimentation I discovered that pulling the choke out a bit to make the mixture richer helps so it looks like I need some new carb. needles to give more fuel at high revs. I've ordered two different options from Burlen Fuel Systems so hopefully I can get this problem solved properly. I'm now thinking that I perhaps had two problems going on at the same time in the first place.

Since there's not much else I can do until the parts arrive, and work on the van has stalled, I'm off to Mallory Park to watch other people racing this weekend and catch up with some of the ex-TSSC championship Triumph crews.

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