Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Another "not much to report" update...

The van came back from having its gearbox fixed. Seems to be working well. An extra cooler has been fitted too for the transmission fluid as the specialist doing the work said the existing one wasn't large enough for towing. Heat is apparently the worst enemy of these automatic transmissions so extra cooling can't be a bad thing.

Having swept four years accumulated debris out of the carpet I took the van to Stafford Showground for the TSSC international meeting. It's much more civilised camping in a van instead of a tent! Especially when it rains as much as it did on the Saturday night.

I managed to buy a few bits and pieces whilst I was at Stafford. All for the van rather than any of the Triumph cars in the end. So my van now has a working lighter socket instead of a hole in the dashboard and modern electronic indicator relays in place of the old fashioned thermo-mechanical ones. The back doors were leaking again this week but I've had another go at sealing them with RTV. I thought I'd solved that problem before so lets hope I've got it this time.

The odometer on the van still doesn't work but I think I've now done the 500 miles which is my first running-in target. The only possibly problem I can see that may need attention soon is a few odd clunkings and other noises coming from the suspension/steering/wheel bearings. The best plan there will be to take it to the local garage and get them to check it over I think. I'm pretty sure there's nothing too seriously wrong.

All in all, not much else to report. Oh, I've also discovered that the headlights from a Triumph Acclaim HLS will fit the van. That means I might have a route to getting some decent halogen lights fitted as the current ones are poor at best.

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