Thursday, 7 August 2008

Time for an Update

Still not much to report I'm afraid. The van has gone off to have it's leaky gearbox looked at. It was good to drive it again after so long and it behaved perfectly on the 40 mile drive to see the specialist that had been recommended to me. I've had a phone call today to confirm that having had a look at it, it really does need a full overhaul which was suspected in the first place. That means that the job will be quite expensive but it should last another 20 years once it's done.

Next job is to decide what to do with my old race car trailer. I'm planning on getting a new one once the van is back in action again but the old one is looking a little run down at the moment. It's been stood outside for four years and to make it usable again it will need all the brakes overhauling, new wood for the load deck and all new road lighting. The chassis and frame is sound although needs some attention with a wire brush and a can of paint. It's a 16 foot hydraulic tiltbed trailer so would have been expensive when new but it's far from new now. I don't know whether it's worth the effort and expense of restoring it to a good condition.

I went to a car show at Hebden Bridge last weekend. Took the racecar out for a run and entered it in the show for the afternoon. It was a good show, helped by the weather staying (mostly) fine and there were a few unusual cars there to look at. A few that spring to mind being Citroen AMI, DS and SM models, a pair of early Range Rovers and a Gilbern. Not often you find all those in the same place at the same time. Lots of other cars there too of course. It's an annual event and worth a look if you're in the area.

CSCC race meeting at Oulton Park this Saturday. Oulton Park is about as close as any race circuit is to me so I'm hoping to get over there for a look. The weather forecast is pretty dismal though so it looks like being a rather wet event.

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