Tuesday, 21 October 2008

One thing after another

Another setback today. Every time there's a problem to be solved, there's always a best case easy way to fix it, a worst case terrible way and various possibilities in between. Why is it that every single job on this van turns out to be the worst case scenario?

Feeling positive after getting the van back from the body shop yesterday I went to fit the new curtains today. That's when I discovered the back doors are leaking again in at least three seperate places and there's a pool of water on the floor again! I've had four attempts to fix this already and I don't know what to try now. Until I sort the problem I can't fit the electrical equipment and most of the trim in the back though.

So I gave up on that job and took the van off to the local tyre place to try and get the tracking set up. They were short staffed and couldn't do the job immediately so I said I'd try again tomorrow when they were expecting to have more people available.

Instead I went off to fill up with petrol ready for the mileage I need to do at the weekend to collect the trailer (hopefully) and get me to and from Silverstone for the Birkett meeting. I put almost 100 litres of fuel in the van for the first time in several years. That hurts the wallet somewhat but at least petrol is slightly cheaper this week than it has been recently. Unfortunately when I got home again I discovered a familiar smell and a stain on the road behind the van. Yes, now it's leaking petrol out!

I've suspected a perished breather hose for a while as there has been an occasional smell of petrol near the van but it never lost any so I guessed it was a breather rather than a live fuel line. Since the entire 130-odd litre tank has to come out to even be able to see the plumbing connected to it, I was leaving that job until I take the van off the road next month over the winter. I now suspect that a breather has come off altogether and fuel is slopping out of the hole as I drive the van. Fortunately it only seems to leak when I'm driving the van, not whilst it's parked so at least my £100 worth of fuel is hopefully safe for now.

Since I have to work on the van outside and it's dark by the time I finish the day job, there's no way I can fix this problem in the next two days. I wouldn't even be able to get an appointment at a garage and pay someone to fix it at that short notice either. I've no idea what I'm going to do about this weekend now.

Rather fed up at the moment.

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