Sunday, 1 March 2009

Weekend wanderings

Just a quick update on progress over the weekend. On Saturday I finished connecting cables to the new aerials on the van and since that went well I went on to fix the central locking which was a job that wasn't on my list but should have been.

The passenger door lock has never behaved quite right since I had the van and recently had stopped working altogether. It would lock and unlock fine with the key in that door but not remotely from the other door. After stripping the trim from the door it was obvious that there was a wire broken on the connector for the lock actuator. Further investigation revealed that the wiring was completely corroded right through! Replacing the connector mostly cured the problem but then I found the drivers door wouldn't unlock from the passenger side (although it locked correctly). I stripped down the drivers door as well and found the same corroded wiring on that side. Another new connector and all the locks work properly again. I've wrapped the wiring and new connectors in tape to try and keep at least some of the damp out in future.

I also got the vacuum cleaner out and cleaned all the carpets and seats as the whole interior of the van seemed to be covered in a layer of sawdust and metal filings from the fitting of various components recently. It's vastly improved now. I even tidied up all the cables that are dangling out of various panels waiting for me to install the electrics so the van looks better even if there isn't actually much major progress being made.

On Sunday my dad gave me a hand and we got the trailer out, hitched it up to the van, towed it round the block and put it back down the driveway. That proved a few things about the necessary manoeuvres to get it out and in and no major problems came up. Getting it reversed in is difficult, it's hard to place the trailer precisely where it needs to be but it is possible and some more practice will help.

In the middle of all this, Martin came round with his rally car and we tried it for size in the trailer. It fits rather well so it looks like we're OK for the rally next weekend. (and for those who read other blogs too, yes, I have seen Martin's "headlining" but I'm not revealing the secret either :) ).

No more progress this weekend as the rest of the day was spent sorting out the house ready for the arrival of a decorator next week. Still, I'm pleased with the results of my pottering around this weekend. Now I have to try and remember what I need to take with me for the event next weekend. It seems a long time since I packed up for a race meeting!

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