Friday, 4 December 2009

The end of an era

Big news this month. Those of you who know me will know that my everyday car for almost fifteen years has been a Citroen AX I bought new in 1995. Well after just over 226700 miles it's finally gone, replaced with something rather more modern and much more suited to the many miles of motorway driving I do every month.

Anyway, back to the project news...

The van got its new batteries fitted and everything works well. I also decided that the LED sidelights I'd fitted were never going to pass an MOT so I fitted some different ones that do the job a lot better. I've also made up some temporary front panels for the interior so I can mount the speakers and the control panel for the inverter. That meant I could finally test the stereo properly. It sounds rather good! There's a slight whistle in the audio circuit that is being introduced by the source select switch that I built. It's not a big problem but my knowledge of electronics doesn't extend to understanding what's causing it so it will have to stay as it is for now. The whistle is inaudible when there's any useful level of sound from the stereo anyway.

The van has also been down to the local garage again for a few last odds and ends finishing off and an MOT test. Hopefully that is the end of the original list of mechanical jobs I had. Next thing is to fit the new CB radio I have here and to try and get out and drive it more! (Oh yes, and it's still leaking copious amounts of rain in at the back :-( )

No news on anything else I'm afraid. I have plans to start a big project on the race car next year. More details on that once I've decided what I actually need to do.

Worryingly, I now have a car-shaped space in my garage again... maybe it's time I did something about the Spitfire road car too.

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