Thursday, 10 February 2011

No news is good news... least I hope it is because apparently the last time I posted anything here was February 14th 2010!

The reason for the lack of updates is that there's really nothing much to update. I've been concentrating on other things for the last year (is it really that long?) mostly relating to decorating the house, sorting the garden and other similar projects.

The rebuilding of the road car is still not progressing. Apparently I have a chassis reconditioned, rustproofed and powder coated but I've not seen it. The car is now entirely stripped down and I did manage to collect a whole lot of parts belonging to the car and bring them back home to sort out but there are a worrying number of bits missing. I'll have to have another trip and see if the remainder can be found.

The plan for this car now is for Karl to continue to build up the rolling shell whilst I deal with the interior and the drivetrain. To that end I've purchased a complete set of interior trim panels and carpets along with new seat foam. I'll be re-using the seat covers if all goes to plan as they were relatively new anyway. I've stripped one seat and repaired (and painted) the frame so the next job will be to rebuild that seat and see if I can make a decent job of it.

The van saw some use last summer getting me to various shows and events but it is eating batteries and I've so far been unable to track down what's wrong. Something in the electrical system is causing the engine battery to drain but the cause isn't as obvious as it should be. More work will be needed there once the weather improves enough for me to be able to work outside.

The race car hasn't moved for well over a year now and is unlikely to emerge from the trailer any time soon. I have lots of plans for this car but no money to fund them at the moment. At least it's under cover and out of the weather in the meantime.

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