Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Proof if proof were needed...

I had a couple of days off work last week and went to view progress on my car and to collect the parts that were missing from last time.

For those out there who were beginning to doubt that I still owned a Spitfire, here's a photo of the chassis back in the workshop and ready for rebuilding. Not a very good photo I'm afraid but I only had my mobile phone available at the time.

I also managed to find all the parts that we couldn't find last time I was there so I have brought some more back here for reconditioning.

Further progress is likely to be delayed by other work ahead of mine in the workshop (specifically a TR6 that is in just as many pieces as my Spitfire) but hopefully the chassis will be built up ready for work to commence on the body within the next few weeks/months.

In the meantime I've finished rebuilding the seats and retrimmed a number of other items so I have almost a complete interior now. Just a few bits and pieces left to do, particularly the instruments need a clean and the dash top panel too. Currently I'm having trouble getting this vinyl top panel to come clean but I'll have a visit to my local motoring supplies emporium during the week and see whether they have any suitable products for the task.

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