Wednesday, 13 July 2011


Well summer is here and my Spitfire restoration project isn't. So what to do whilst waiting for my dismantled car to come back for reassembly?

Strip down another car of course!

I decided I should make use of the good weather to get the race car out of its trailer and start pulling it apart ready for a complete rebuild before it goes back on the track. I was trying to only tackle one project at once but since the road car seems to be taking rather longer than I'd hoped, this seemed like a good use of the time.

I took a few photographs towards the end of two days taking off almost everything I could remove on my own. Since then, with the assistance of Barry "the acclaim guru" McGrath another days work saw the engine, roll cage, seat and everything else removed. That included the diff. which had an interesting effect on the rear suspension when we put the rolling shell back in the trailer!

I have some more parts on order, including some new glass fibre panels to replace some of my well worn and just plain damaged ones. The next stage will be to get the chassis and shell checked over and repaired as necessary to give a good strong base on which to rebuild the car.

Here's the interior looking even more stripped out than usual

A surprisingly small pile of parts
The end of a long couple of days
Still looks quite complete from this angle!

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