Sunday, 19 February 2012

How long is a piece of wire?

A lot of work has been completed on the wiring harness over the last few weeks. Here's a summary and a few photographs of the work in progress.

This is the starting point. 41 spools of differently coloured wire. It's quite a lot but not too hard to sort out once I stopped confusing "green" with "light green". Some of the colour combinations are a bit difficult to see in anything other than a good light though. "Green with Brown" for example. Let's hope I don't have too many problems that need sorting out under the dashboard once this lot is in the car!

...and here's the work in progress. This is the main loom that fits behind the dashboard and includes the fusebox and all the instrument wiring. All the other sections will connect to this one so it is by far the most complex.The large sheets of paper are the drawing I mentioned in my last post showing where all the connections are supposed to go to and from.

Can you tell what it is yet? This is probably about half finished.

Almost done now. You can see the the whole thing in this picture. The fusebox is on the left, then the connectors for the other loom sections. More connectors in the middle for the dashboard switch panel and then the instruments further to the right.

The long sections sprawling out above the main loom are the pre-formed harnesses that came with the new instruments and provide power and lighting for them. I've modified these and spliced them into my wiring. At this stage they still need more modification before they will correctly reach all the instruments.

Just over a week of evenings and weekends since I started and this is the final result. You can see my master wiring diagram in this picture too.

After this the next two sections were much simpler and didn't take anything like as much effort. I've spent this weekend installing them in the car and so far it all looks good. Another weekend's work should see all the wiring complete except for the section that runs to the engine and the front of the car. I can't build that section until the engine is back in since there are no reference points from which to take measurements at the moment.

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