Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Riveting stuff!

I was in danger of grinding to a halt with the work on the race car last weekend but thanks to the loan of a compressor and an air powered riveter (thanks Paul!) things have moved forward a little.

Not the most exiting action-packed photographs here but you can see what I've been up to. Here's the new wiring harness installed running down the centre of the car.

You can just see part of the connection point under the dash where the various sections of harness plug together. At the rear the main battery feed cable splits off to where the battery will be located behind the driver's seat. The rest of the harness runs into the left rear wing to pass through to the boot.

The coiled black cable in the second photograph is for the electrically operated fire extinguisher which will mount in that space eventually.

Unfortunately I discovered that I'd forgotten to buy the necessary terminals to connect the rear lights so they are now on order and I'll be able to finish this section of the wiring once I have them.

I've also ordered the battery along with its housing box and the fire extinguisher system so the next job will be to fit those.

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